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The period can be especially cumbersome for teens who are easing into womanhood and dealing with managing hygiene, hormones, period, and school/sports for the first time. Don’t worry; our super-protective, ultra-absorbent period-proof teen panties will give you complete peace of mind against period leaks – whether you are at school, swimming, hanging out with friends, or even working out.

Our complete line of sweat-wicking, odor-crushing teen panties, and period underwear are like magic for your period. They can be worn on their own for lighter flows or supplemented with your favorite sanitary products for those heavier days. With our new line specially designed for teens, we make sure that teens can lean into that life well lived from their very first period. With super-absorbency built into their very fabric, our period undies for teens lock in liquid, wicks away moisture, and prevents blood from seeping through, keeping you dry, odor-free, and leak-proof all period long. Not to mention, these panties securely lock in sanitary products and prevents them from slipping or causing leaks. Pure cotton fabrics ensure air permeability and breathability, and protects your skin against chafing and yeast infection, while the leak-proof barrier extends all the way from the front to the back for maximum protection even on your heaviest days.

Peruse through our whole collection for regular everyday wear, or more vigorous activities like dance, gymnastics, or other sports. We also have plenty of designs and colors, as well as a plethora of styles and detailing, so that you can choose one that best suits your personality. Our products are super easy to care for. Simply rinse out the blood from the gusset, gentle cold machine wash, and hang to dry, reuse, and repeat. No softeners or stain removers. Say no to stains and leaks with our exclusive line of period underwear for teens.

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