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Reusable Period Underwear


Buy Reusable Period Underwear Australia Online from Zonas

Priorities change when you are facing some problems. On normal days every girl will prefer to wear normal undies so that they may preserve their smooth and sexy look. But when it comes to periods all you care about is to save yourself from itchiness, pain, and wetness. You must have been tired of leaks and discomfort caused by periods and have been looking for a better solution that can prevent you from all this trouble. So if you are worn out from using tampons, pads, and other pantiliners then it’s time for you to take one step ahead and choose period undies from Zonas’s reusable period underwear sale. No matter what your size is Zonas’s reusable period underwear size will be right according to yours. Not too tight, not too loose just right according to your waist. 

There are many factors that compile up to make Zonas’s reusable period underwear the best in the market.


Protects your personal health

The use of antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing materials can cause vaginal infections but Zonas’s reusable period underwear keeps the moisture away from your skin helps you to stay dry, and avoid irritation and itchiness providing you complete protection to your health so that you can shine the whole day. 


Extra absorbent

If you shop best reusable period underwear from Zonas you can have extra protection and you do not have to be worried about changing pads or tampons again and again. Our reusable period underwear is extra absorbent (can absorb menstrual worth two tampons) and can help you to get through the day without leaking.


Super Breathable Fabric

The ultrathin sides of Zonas’s reusable period underwear allow maximum air permeability to help you get rid of the foul period smell. Our period undies are more breathable than polyester and cotton which is why they are cooler than other brands and are fashioned to bring freshness to your day. 


Is Period Underwear reusable?

Almost everything that women use for their periods is a single-use item, you cannot use a tampon or a pantiliner again and again. But the question that arises here is, are period underwear reusable or can we wear them after washing? Yes! Zonas has provided an alternative for single-use items to make the period life of a female easy and livable. Zonas’s reusable period undies are washable and can be used again. All you gotta do is to wear, wash, and then wear again.


How to use reusable period underwear?

Zonas’s reusable period undies that have the looks of a normal undie are fashioned with extra protective layers in the crotch area to absorb menstrual fluid and help you to stay fresh and dry. This is a reusable option for women during periods. Just use them in place of tampons and pads and when they get dirty, wash them, and wear them again. Also, if you are facing heavy menstrual flow then you can use them with other pantiliners for extra protection. Zona’s reusable underwear for a period gives you complete protection and helps you to maintain your looks. 


How to wash period-proof underwear?

Zonas offers washable period underwear that you can use, wash, and can use again. But you have to be careful in washing the period underwear otherwise you will damage the fabric. 

To wash the reusable period underwear first soak it in cold water so that the smell would fade away. Then gently rub it to remove the stains. You can also make use of a washing machine to give it a delicate washing cycle. Once the stains are removed and the panty is completely washed then let it dry but do not use the dryer as it can damage the fabric. Once it is completely dried, you can use it again.


Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)


How long can you wear period underwear for?

If you are using reusable period underwear instead of pads, tampons, and other pantiliners then you should keep one thing in mind, that you should never wear reusable period underwear for more than 24 hours. Reusable period underwear reviews state that they are better to use for 6 to 8 hours if your flow is normal but if your flow is heavy then they can work for 4 to 6 hours. You can also use pads, tampons, and other pantiliners along with period undies for extra protection. But once you have used period underwear you have to wash it so that you can use it again.


How to clean period underwear?

The most amazing fact that makes period undies superior to pantiliners, pads, and tampons is that they are reusable. All other period accessories can be used once but you can use period undies again. You just have to clean them once you wear them and then you can wear them again. But cleaning the period underwear in the right manner does matter a lot because if you do not clean them carefully then it can vandalize its fabric. To clean period underwear properly first soak it into cold water then gently rub it to remove stains. Once it is washed then let it dry on its own. It is suggested not to use the machines when you are washing or drying the reusable period underwear disposable.


Where can I find the best reusable period underwear near me?

Looking for the best reusable period underwear? Why not visit the leading marketplace? Zonas is a pre-eminent marketplace that offers high-quality reusable period undies at affordable rates. Zonas has the best collection of period undies and other female undergarments with striking designs to ignite your senses. 

If you are tired of leaks and discomfort associated with the period, reusable period underwear is the ultimate solution to periods. We all know the pain of seeing our favorite pair of underwear and sheets becoming the victim of period stains. Not to mention, the embarrassment that ensues can be unbearable. Our exclusive collection of reusable period underwear features an intuitive leak-lock technology that locks in moisture and prevents blood from seeping out and ruining your sheets and dresses. The moisture-wicking top layer draws moisture away from the crotch, while the ultra-absorbent, odor-crushing, and leak-proof inner layers lock it in. The result is a pair of gorgeous-looking, ultra-absorbent undies that look and feel just like your regular pair of underpants. ! Our Underwear can be worn alone or supplemented with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup for heavy flow days.

Our exclusive line of reusable period underwear is fabricated from the softest, breathable cotton that allows maximum air permeability that prevents the accumulation of sweat. The four-way stretch guards against skin rashes and marks and fits snugs, just like a lover’s kiss. The extended crotch lining offers maximum coverage in the front and back, and the wide crotch is perfect for guarding against leaks and stains. Our reusable period underwear is very easy to wash and care for and can be used again and again without causing any damage to the fabric. As well as being comfortable and practical, they help you reduce your impact on the environment. All our reusable period underwear are available in a range of styles and colors, as well as exquisite patterns and detailing, to suit every style. No matter if you are looking for fun, chic, sensual, or comfortable; we have got you covered.

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