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If you are tired of leaks and discomfort associated with the period, reusable period underwear is the ultimate solution to periods. We all know the pain of seeing our favorite pair of underwear and sheets becoming the victim of period stains. Not to mention, the embarrassment that ensues can be unbearable. Our exclusive collection of reusable period underwear features an intuitive leak-lock technology that locks in moisture and prevents blood from seeping out and ruining your sheets and dresses. The moisture-wicking top layer draws moisture away from the crotch, while the ultra-absorbent, odor-crushing, and leak-proof inner layers lock it in. The result is a pair of gorgeous looking, ultra-absorbent undies that look and feel just like your regular pair of underpants. ! Our Underwear can be worn alone or supplemented with a pad, tampon, or menstrual cup for heavy flow days.

Our exclusive line of reusable period underwear is fabricated from the softest, breathable cotton that allows maximum air permeability that prevents the accumulation of sweat. The four-way stretch guards against skin rashes and marks and fits snugs, just like a lover’s kiss. The extended crotch lining offers maximum coverage in the front and back, and the wide crotch is perfect for guarding against leaks and stains. Our reusable period underwear is very easy to wash and care for and can be used again and again without causing any damage to the fabric. As well as being comfortable and practical, they help you reduce your impact on the environment. All our reusable period underwear are available in a range of styles and colors, as well as exquisite patterns and detailing, to suit every style. No matter if you are looking for fun, chic, sensual, or comfortable; we have got you covered.

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