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Period Underwear


A captivating collection of comforting period underwear

Go With Your Flow!

Periods are no fun but we have to learn to live and get comfortable with them. Be prepared to embrace your periods next time with Zonas’s leakproof period underwear. Our period undies are created keeping the function and fashion into consideration. So you should not be worried that period underwear does not look sexy. Because our period undies are fashioned with high-quality and breathable fabrics to give you a leakproof fresh day and are designed by the best designers to help you look voluptuous. Whether you are a businesswoman, an athlete, or a housewife, if you are using our best-rated period underwear then your menstrual cannot cause hindrance in your work. With its four absorbency layers, it can hold from light to super heavy period leaks. No matter how heavy your period is it will prevent sweating and bad odors due to its breathable fabric. In other words, you can use Zonas’s best quality period underwear and go on with your life without getting irritated by tampons, and being uncomfortable with pads. Considering your sensitivity and protection as a prime factor, we have created state-of-the-art breathable cotton period underwear that you can use as a backup or as a replacement for your leakage problems.

Ethically Made With Sustainable Fabrics

To ensure maximum comfort period undies are made with sustainable cotton fabric and are kept slim to reduce itchiness. Pads, Pantiliners, and Tampons can feel itchy, bulky, or just plain awkward. But Zonas has presented the best period underwear for tweens that are extra absorbent, and come in sleek, and modern styles. With our period underwear, you will feel prepared, protected, and fresh for eight straight hours. With its four absorbing layers, it wicks moisture away and locks it in the central layers, enabling you to feel dry and odor-free all day. Unlike pads, tampons, and other pantiliners its ethically made sleek design provides you extra comfort, protects your grace, and helps you to keep your charm activated.

Undies made to move with you

Periods are a great problem but thinking of this natural phenomenon as a weakness is not right. Instead, we should embrace our imperfections and work on them which is the basic rule of gaining perfection. Pads and pantiliners are made with non-biodegradable plastic that can take decades to decompose. They are both unhealthy to humans and also unfriendly to the environment. But Zonas has offered the best underwear to wear when on a period that is healthy i.e a sustainable solution for daily leaking problems and biodegradable i.e they can easily decay and are environment friendly. They are made so that you can move freely.

Liberate Yourself from Pantyliners

Tired of going to drug stores? Or searching your bags for extra liners? Now it is time to say goodbye to pads, pantyliners, and tampons. Because Zonas has provided a better alternative to make your periods easy for you. We will ship the right-sized, high-quality, and original period underwear to you in a specified time. And unlike pantiliners, you can wash them and reuse them. Just wear, wash, and then wear again. 

Durable and Inexpensive

Durability is our promise. We provide premium quality organic period underwear in Australia that is of the finest caliber and are 100 percent durable. Plus they are washable and can be reused and so reduces your financial expenses. Because, unlike tampons and pads, you do not have to buy period underwear again and again. You can just buy them once and make your period life easy for you. 

Extra Protection With More Comfort

Many other companies that also supply period underwear for tweens provide low-quality underwear at high rates. They do not care for the comfort and protection of an individual and just for the lust of money, they disgrace their clients. But we at Zonas care for our customers and that is why we only supply high-caliber period underwear. Also, we promise period underwear cheap rates to ensure affordability. There is no period underwear comparison between Zonas and other suppliers because they are in the business of making money but we are in the business to provide you a comfortable life.

Availability in all sizes

If period underwear looks adequate even after 15 washes then we can consider that it is of fine quality. Zonas delivers fine-quality period underwear online in all sizes. You can seek the right period underwear for yourself. We have a wide range of sizes from small to high waisted period underwear and categories from first-period underwear to heavy period underwear. You can choose the adequate one for yourself from our wide stock. 

How Does Zonas Period Underwear Work?

Zona’s period underwear works through a blend of fabric having 4 absorbent layers that promise complete moisture-wicking and antimicrobial qualities, like breathability, leakproof, and comfort. It is not so much different from a disposable diaper, it just lacks the absorbent gel pellets which are appended in the diaper for absorption purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

where to buy period underwear in Australia?

Tired of getting supplied low-quality period underwear by other low-ranked services providers? If you are looking for premium-quality luxury underwear then should be your one-stop destination. Why? Because we provide high-quality period underwear at the most affordable rates. Our period undies can help you in getting rid of itchiness and will aid in providing a comfortable sleep. 

how long can I wear period underwear?

It’s time to throw your pantiliners, and ditch tampons for good. Because you should know about period undies that work by absorbing menstrual with the help of a protection layer. Unlike tampons that work only for a maximum of 8 hours, normally you can wear period underwear light flow for 24 hours straight without worrying about itchiness and moisture. But if the flow is heavy then you may need to change it. But if the blood is exposed to air for any length of time then it can start to grow bacteria. That is why it is advisable not to expose the blood to air to avoid bacterial reactions.

how long can you wear period underwear?

Basically, the time limit of period underwear for girls depends on the flow of the menstrual. If the flow is heavy then it may last for 12 hours. But if the flow is normal then period underwear can last up to 24 hours. The real good thing about period underwear is that it can be washed and used again. So unlike using tampons and pads there are no worries in using period undies because you can wash them and use them for as long as you want. Some period undies might get raggedy after washing for quite a few times but the ones that are of high quality kept ongoing.

how long do period underwear last?

Reviews of period underwear state that the lifespan of a period undie is dependent on how they are created and how they are used. The first thing that contributes to the long-term use of period underwear is the quality of the underwear. If the quality of the underwear is good then it can last longer but if the quality is not good then it will not last long. Another factor that contributes to the long run of the period underwear is the way they are used. If they are used and washed with care then they can last for two years. Otherwise, they can last for 6 months. Period undies are delicate products and should be treated with care otherwise their elastic and fabric will become shabby.

how often should you change period underwear?

Having sleepless nights is a common thing in the periods. Especially when you use tampons or pads because you have to change them after every 6 to 8 hours depending on the flow of fluid. You should also change period undies after 6 to 8 hours but you can also use them for a whole night and they will keep you fresh and dry. Period underwear leakproof makes your nights quiet and comforting. 

how tight should period underwear be?

The tightness of the underwear matters a lot. Because if the period underwear is not so tight then it can not stop the leakage efficiently. Similarly, it should also not be so tight that it may start to cause pain. You should know the right size of period underwear for yourself. Because if you are a grown-up person then you cannot buy period underwear for a 10-year old. And if you are a 10-year old then you cannot wear a period undie of a grown-up woman. That is why you should choose the right period undie for yourself with the right size and tightness.

how to clean period underwear?

Cleaning period underwear is an easy task. But period underwear for tweens Australia is a delicate product and must be treated with complete delicacy. That is why you should wash them with complete care. There are three basic steps for washing period underwear. 

  1. Soak the dirty period underwear in cold water to rinse it
  2. Then gently rub to remove the stains
  3. Dry the washed period underwear

It is advisable not to dry the period underwear with the help of a dryer because it can damage the fabric of period underwear. You should let it dry on its own.

does period underwear really work?

Yes! Period underwear is a great replacement for tampons, cups, liners, and pads. Because they provide extra protection and comfort. Period underwear also aids in getting rid of itchiness and awkwardness. They can be washed and reused and so they are cost-effective as compared to tampons and pads. Because you can only use tampons, cups, and pads only once but you can use period undies for as long as you want. Also for extra protection, you can use period undies with tampons and cups. Period Underwear Adelaide is liked by people all over the world and now people are more attracted to period undies than tampons and pads because they do not just provide protection but also make you look sexy.

do period underwear smell?

Yes! Period underwear does smell and makes periods more stinky. Just like you leave tampons in too long, period panties make periods more odorous. If you are changing your period undies timely and are washing them continuously then you do not need to worry about the smell. But if you do not wash it in time, the smell may remain in the period underwear and will not go away until washed properly. Zonas has introduced new period underwear with breathable fabric to reduce the odor and to save you from awkwardness.

do period underwear work?

People do ask many questions like “Period underwear does it work?” or “How long can period underwear work?” For the replacement of old period accessories, i.e pads, tampons, and pantiliners Zonas has produced period underwear that is new in style and function and is capable of holding menstrual up to 10 tablespoons. This means that one-period underwear is equal to almost 5 tampons. So period underwear is better than pads and tampons because it can be worn for 24 straight hours while pads and tampons are only functional for 6 hours max. Nowadays women are more attracted to period undies than tampons and pantyliners because undies can provide them a comfortable sleep because they do not need to be changed in the night like other period accessories. 

do period underwear work for swimming?

Not all period undies work for swimming. But there are some period undies of high quality like Zonas Underwear that is leakproof from the inside and holds water from the outside while swimming. You can swim freely in the Zonas’ period undies. They are usually dark in color so that if by chance there is extra leakage no one would notice the stains. Also, if you are worried about extra leakage then you can use tampons and other pantiliners along with your period undies for extra protection.

do you have to rinse period underwear?

Just like regular underwear, period undies are constructed the same. There are just some extra layers of special fabric in the crotch area which is used for the absorption of menstrual fluid and blood. But just like regular undies you can wash the period undies and can wear them again. For washing purposes, you have to rinse them first then rub them to remove the stains, and at last, put them to dry. It is advisable not to use the dryer as it can damage the fabric.

do you wash period underwear?

Period underwear is used to control the problem of menstrual fluid in females. But its main specialty is it can be washed. Unlike tampons, pads, pantiliners, and other period accessories which can be used only once, period undies can be used again and again. Just wash them and wear them and wash them again. The method of washing a period undie is simple. Rinse the period undies in the cold water. Then rub lightly to remove the stains and dry them. And here it is you can wear them again. 

does period underwear really work?

Period underwear is meant to absorb the menstrual fluid of females and prevent them from leakage. Zonas supplies period underwear bulk quantity so that no one gets deprived of the best quality and luxury period underwear. Our period underwear is a great backup for leak protection especially when you are sleeping and acts as a great option for light-flow days. After complete research and hard work, we have presented the best quality, most comfortable, and highly durable period underwear so that you can fight with your periods easily. 

does period underwear smell?

Period underwear contains different layers of sustainable and breathable cotton fabric which helps fight odor and gives a dry and fresh day. However, if you are wearing a period undie for a long time then it may start to stink because you should change your period undie after 4 to 6 hours. Still, they are better than other period accessories like pads, pantiliners, and tampons because they are cost-effective and provide you a stain-free life.

does period underwear stain?

Period undies are like regular undergarments intended for you to wear during your period in place of disposable period protection products like tampons, pantiliners, pads, etc. They came in various sizes from small period undies to period underwear Australia plus size and different categories from period underwear high waist to a mid and small waist. Although some women use period underwear in their light-flow days and keep them as a backup on heavy flow days (use them with other period accessories). Period undies are created with absorbent fabric to be stain-resistant and should not retain any odor if cared for properly. But if they start to stink then you can soak them in vinegar water before laundering to remove the stains and smell.

Is period underwear reusable?

According to a period underwear Australia review period underwear is an accessory designed to help women in their period days and to get rid of costly period products like tampons, pads, and pantyliners. The biggest benefit of preferring the period underwear over other period accessories is that it is reusable. You can just wash it, reuse it, and can wash it again. If you are looking for high-quality period underwear then you can choose the Zonas for wearing the best underwear when on period.

Is period underwear safe?

Some people might ask about the safety of period underwear. Well, there are some pros and cons of period underwear. Proof period underwear that is created with organic cotton period underwear sustainable fabric and does not contain any chemicals are healthy for your body like Zonas’ period undies. But there are some period undies that are created using PFAS (poly-fluoroalkyl substance) which is hazardous for your health and can cause fertility diseases and cancer. So you better search that the period undie is completely organic if it is not then you should not buy it. You can buy from Zonas who cares for your health and provides you safe and the best-rated period underwear.

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