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Period Proof Underwear


Period Proof Underwear Online Shop in Australia

Do you dread a visit by aunty flow due to fears of stains, leaks, and the endless embarrassment that ensues? Our revolutionary period-proof underwear has a built-in, absorbent, organic cotton gusset that locks in moisture and prevents it from seeping out and staining your clothes and sheets. These highly absorbent period-proof panties work in tandem with your sanitary products to prevent embarrassing leaks and stains and can even be used on their own for lighter flows or spotting. Our premium period panties feature layers of absorbent fabric that acts as a protective barrier. The moisture-wicking top layer locks in moisture, while the absorbent, odor-crushing, and breathable inner layers help you stay dry and sweat-free all day long, without any feeling of bulkiness or wetness.

The four-way stretch ensures a snug fit that conforms to your curves, while the soft waistband provides independence of movement and protects your skin from chafes and marks. Being hypoallergenic and breathable, cotton panties are best for people who are sweaty down there or live in hot climates. The Anti-microbial lining protects against yeast infections and ensures vaginal health. Our underwear are100% maximum leak-proof protection and discreet, which means that they can be worn under your clothes like any other underwear. All our period panties are washable and reusable, making them a great alternative to sanitary products. Available in lots of designs, patterns, and styles, we have got something for everyone.

We want women over the world to feel confident and sexy in their skins, even on their period, and our exclusive range of period-proof underwear helps us accomplish just that. Our underwear collection is perfect for heavier and lighter flows, spotting, post-partum bleeding, or incontinence, and everything in between, we help you breeze through a period with ease.

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