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Tired of period ruining your favorite pair of underwear, leaving hard-to-remove stains on your beloved sheets, or embarrassing you in public? Designed for days when you might not know when your period could take you by surprise, heavy days when sanitary products fail to contain the flow, unpredictable spotting, urinary incontinence, and everything in between, our exclusive range of period pants is designed to protect you from the nuisance of leaks, stains, and unwanted spills. While this underwear looks and feels like your regular undies, they feature super-absorbent layers built into the fabric to provide utmost protection on those days of the month.

Our period pants feature an advanced four-layered leak-lock technology that locks blood inside the crotch and prevents it from seeping out. The extended crotch lining protects you from all sides and goes all the way from the back to the front. The liquid-locking materials in the underwear wick away moisture, while the anti-microbial, odor-crushing inner layers keep odors and yeast infections at bay. The extra waterproof bottom layer acts as an additional defense against leaks and spills. The wonderful blend of super-breathable and hypoallergenic cotton with ultra-absorbent polyester makes sure that you stay comfortable, dry, and leak-free all period long. The superelastic waistband leaves no marks on the skin.

Our exclusive range of period pants come in myriad designs and styles so that you never comprise on fashion even on your period. Our products are easy to wash and reuse, reducing the carbon footprint of disposables on the environment. While our undies can replace pads and tampons, they should be supplemented with pads and tampons for extra protection on those heavier days. Breathable, moisture-wicking, odor-crushing, highly absorbent, and antibacterial, our gorgeous period pants give you a total sense of peace against leaks and embarrassment. No more dreading a visit by aunty flow.

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