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Are leaking panties and hard-to-remove stains the biggest bane of your existence? Do you dread that time of the month when chafing pads and skin rashes make it almost impossible for you to go through day-to-day activities? Do you constantly find yourself looking over your shoulders to check for leaks and spots in the midst of a busy workday? LEAK-PROOF undies are here to save the day. Designed with a potent formula that absorbs period blood without the feeling of wetness or bulkiness, our state-of-the-art period underwear eliminates the need for disposable period products. The advanced four-layer technology locks in up to two tampons worth of moisture and keeps you dry all day long, while the hypoallergenic and breathable fabric guards against skin rashes and keeps unwanted odors and infections at bay.

Breathable, comfortable, and super absorbent, our leak-proof undies have extended crotch linings for maximum protection on all sides. The water-proof outer lining wicks away moisture and prevents any blood from seeping through and staining your favorite dress or sheets. The super-elastic waistband prevents marks and helps you feel relaxed and at ease all day long. All our period panties are environmentally friendly and can be washed and reused without any damage to the fabric or elasticity. Simply rinse out the blood from the gusset and machine wash. No need for any bleach or fabric softeners. Our leak-proof undies can be worn on their own on lighter days or supplemented with your hygiene products for heavier flows. Available in beautiful colors and designs to help you look your best even on those days of the month. Whether you are looking for gorgeous colors, sexy mesh details, pretty lace accents, intimate thong designs, or exquisite patterns, we have something for every style and taste. Try our premium collection of period undies and never let your period rain on your parade.

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